Bouthwood land management is based on experience of woodland management going back 3 generations to 1935.

Today, Ben Parker brings not only this personal experience but has all the necessary qualifications to ensure the management of your woodland has the right balance of book learning and experience to know what works today and more importantly for land management, tomorrow. You can read more on woodland management in cumbria by Bouthwood here.

Bouthwood does fencing and hedging and can advise on the right approach to this to ensure your initial investment pays for itself in hedges and fences that are done properly. You can read more on the fencing in the lake district by Bouthwood here.

Brush clearing is important in land management and having the right people do the work means no fuss, no mess, no damage to ground or trees and efficient working bringing the cost down.

Grounds management of lawned areas in public buildings and private business building complexes is also something that Bouthwood handles, using the appropriate heavy duty mowing equipment to make short work of even the largest areas, bringing your cost down and having the job done properly.

Equestrian paddock maintenance in a modern eco-friendly way that blends into the natural envrironment is also part of the Bouthwood land management portfolio.

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